segunda-feira, 5 de novembro de 2012

Assembleia Geral da Hutukara

Hutukara celebration of the 20 years of Yanomami Land demarcation its a deserved victory .

But this victory of Brazil is now been threatened by politics and gold miners . The Brazilian Government is intending to change the law so they can
 open more than a half of Yanomami land to huge Mining Companies . THIS CANNOT HAPPEN , this action will destroy the future of this people that live in harmony with nature.

Besides all the water contamination ,culture destruction, violence and devastation, the results are incalculable and the damage will not just affect the indigenous people but every single one of us .

It was a honour to be able to interact with such ancient culture ,celebrating , helping and learning from this beautiful people called Yanomami. 

Hutukara contra mineração